Greet every chauffeured guest like a VIP. Our Professional chauffeur sign will create a lasting first impression your clients will remember. presents professional magnetic chauffeur signs that are simple and easy to use. Our versatile signage solutions eliminate the need for using “hand written” illegible cardboard or paper signs when greeting your guests at the airport. Our Signs are a cost effective solution to purchasing and using expensive iPads, tablets or electronic signage devices that requires an insurance plan and may incur damage during use. Professional Chauffeur Sign is a simple signage solution that folds to fit in the jacket pocket, allowing the chauffeur to perform needed duties. A customized product will support your company’s branding efforts, increase visibility, and support a professional impression. The sign and greeting can be customized to support your corporate brand specifications. Options such as Customizable Marquee, International Language sets, Fonts, Alphabets, Letters, Numbers, Special Characters and colors can be ordered. For Enquiries Call Alex Nejadeh at 888.309.1113 to order

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